Grindmaster for Crossout (complex game profit sheet)

Grindmaster is a complex Google sheet that help you with squeze game to the max. All market data is provided by CrossoutDB. Calculations are made in real time with delay to game as short as possible. Project started in 09-2018 because I wanted to calculate badges exchange in real time. Now project grow a little and is maintained regularly.

In sheet I calculate almost everything you can imagine:

  • Game vitality, market condistion, playerbase tracker, updates tracker
  • Crafting profit (based on CrossoutDB) per rarity, per faction, demand
  • Crafting time & speed up costs
  • Repair kit calculations
  • Badge exchange scenarios (with and wihout opening crates)
  • Challenges summary and profit
  • PVP profit comparison with or wihout fuel (based on values from real gampleay)
  • Invasion profit comparisio
  • Adventure mode profit
  • Leviatan PS brackets & income
  • PVE profit comparison with free fuel, storage fuel to all modes (based on values from real gampleay)
  • Clan Battles profit
  • Co-Drivers cost
  • Storage and blueprint expansions
  • Faction exp comparison
  • Market frauds detector and tracker
  • Flipping profit
  • Hot and Discounted items
  • Salvaging scenarios
  • Items price comparison (craftable / event / packs)
  • Brawls profit for all modes
  • Resources limits (grinding)
  • and many more…

Additional: Startpage with little summary of everything (simple mode)

Warning: Sheet is resource hungry, may work slow or even don’t work on weak PC.

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