Websites powered by spreadsheets

Change content of your website or mobile app from Google Spreadsheets. Use it as a database for your online store or web app. Create forms and get all submit straight to a spreadsheet. Without the hassle of importing data back and forth.

Tabular data

Restaurant Menu, jobs listing, t-shirt shop

The best solution for showing structured data. Adding a row to the Google Spreadsheet makes it visible on the website. Simple as that.

The last CMS you will ever need

Spreadsheets are the most flexible and accessible database you will ever encounter.

You can adapt it as you like and set up your own rules.

Works Everywhere

It works everywhere. On mobile, web, WordPress, WebFlow, Ionic, Wix, Unbounce. If you can input HTML, you are ready to go with.

Sheetsu works everywhere
Power websites and apps from Google Spreadsheets

Power your products from spreadsheets

Get data and configs for your apps from a place everyone can easily access.

Don't teach your users any new admin panel, new passwords, etc. Use Google login, share files, give permissions and rely on the Google's infrastructure.

Save data from forms and surveys

It works both ways. You can build forms, surveys or check out for a mobile app and save all results, submits in a Google Spreadsheet.

By developers for developers

We think APIs. That means our API is easy-to-use and modern. You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Sheetsu works everywhere

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